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What Our Clients Say.

We fully concentrate our energies on understanding our clients’ needs which enables us to deliver solutions which help them reach their objectives in the most efficient manner possible.  


We understand that every client is different and can operate in differing environments. We fully tailor how we deliver projects and use innovative tools and proprietary research to help deliver our solutions.

Below you can find just a few comments from the numerous clients we’ve helped in Capital Markets preparations, individual executive development initiatives, and firm wide communications skills development projects.

“The approach applied by SW  has helped my team and I better prepare for our interactions with the European Central Bank. They really went above and beyond in understanding our institution and our strategic message.” 

Chief Risk Officer, Financial Institution


“I really benefitted from the support of a communications consultant that coached me on how to hold better quality dialogue with the Capital Markets.”

Chief Financial Officer, Technology Group

“I really noticed an improvement in my performance when conversing with analysts after working with SW. Their passion clearly drives the dedication they have to fully supporting the client and understanding the dynamics of each situation.” 

Chief Financial Officer, Banking Group

“SW Finance has continually understood my needs and provided me with tailored support and added real value in terms of the message that I’ve shaped in my dialogue with the ECB and with investors during capital markets days.”

Senior Business Executive, Banking Group

“I’ve received really pro-active support and a consultant that understands our message and is fully committed to supporting us in the most challenging moments.”

Chief Financial Officer, Financial Services Group

“After working with SW  I became much more comfortable in representing our company at investor events."

Regional Head of Division, French FMCG Group

“SW's consultant clearly understood our strategy and message and helped me become comfortable articulating this to various strategic audiences.”

Division Head of Business, Banking Group

“Working with an SW 's consultant has helped me become a more accomplished storyteller. The consultant in question really sought to know the dynamics of my firm and research product.” 

Equity Research Analyst, Institutional Brokerage

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