We design and deliver methodologies that best serve firms demanding the highest standards in Corporate English from their managers. We strive to achieve this by anticipating client needs through research, allowing us to innovate in providing exceptional, highly-customized, and unique development solutions.  


Our methodologies are the brainchild of our division partner who witnessed the onset of the financial crisis while supporting executives in the CEO area of a top two Italian bank, and quickly became intrigued by how managers sought to articulate complexity. In the following years he analyzed how managers handled extremely challenging dialogue with stakeholders, and consulted with various communications specialists with the intention of devising his own methodology. 


SW Finance and its consultant network are able to apply a range of methodologies when delivering both highly-customized and role-based solutions to clients. All methodologies strive to inspire, provoke thought and facilitate the self-improvement process.

Designed for the individual paths of managers in high-finance and insurance

Designed for the individual paths of finance, strategy and operations managers of corporates  

Designed to support development programs within high finance

Designed for managers involved in European Central Bank interaction preparations

Designed for aspiring thought leaders within high finance

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