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Service Offering. 

Through the following offering, we help managers improve their operational business English and develop their business culture.

We specialise in the following businesses

  • Corporate and Investment Banking 

  • Wealth  Management

  • Asset Management

  • Commercial Banking

  • Insurance

  • Corporate Management

Capital Markets and Strategy 
Corporate English

This niche solution leverages an innovative corporate terminology and communications tool, methodologies for pyramid explanations, and conversational storytelling all aimed at helping finance and corporate managers maintain a “house style” in line with their strategy brand, leadership team brand, and corporate brand. .  

Executive Corporate Dialogue Coaching

This solution is a unique offering that leverages an innovative corporate terminology and communications tool, methodologies for pyramid explanations, conversational storytelling, media training, and debate which are all aimed at helping finance and corporate managers excel in executive dialogue.

European Central Bank Corporate English Workshops

A unique solution aimed at supporting managers in their preparations for ECB interactions which is based on research and input from leading consulting firms experienced in supporting banks with ECB related projects.

Corporate English and Business Experience Full Immersion in London

Clients benefit from a tailored full immersion solution focused on highly-specific Executive Corporate English needs and business discovery experiences. Held at Dolphin House (Central London), where accommodation is provided as part of the package, each manager partakes in an individual 40-hour executive training experience that involves highly business-centric and task-based learning methods, and specially designed business visits and experiences. 

Events & Webinars

SW Finance designs and hosts innovative management team training events such as roundtables and panel discussions focused on developing highly-effective business English in line with the particular “house style” of their firm. Furthermore, we organize engaging virtual events and live webinars with a deep focus on both our clients business English development needs and business context. 

Training Finance Management

SW Italy is an accredited Fondir training provider specialized in managing the end-to-end financed training process consisting of training plan design, support in training project internal communication strategy, financing request, training delivery, and project completion. The experienced team of staff and financed training consultants has over 75 years of combined experience in financed training and annually manages over €3.5 million in finance budget. 

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